10 Ways to Optimize a Marketer’s LinkedIn Profile

Antenna’s Talent Development has created a list of 10 things marketers should do right now to make their LinkedIn profile stand out and get their job application seen.

How To: Interview for a Marketing Position

Interviewing for a marketing position requires a good amount of creativity and tenacity to stand out from the crowd. We understand this isn’t easy, so Antenna has compiled an interviewing tips and tricks guide.

Five Lessons Learned from Pivoting Careers

The current environment brings many challenges but also unique opportunities for job seekers curious to make a change in the next stage of their careers.

The Way We Work Webinar Recap: Returning to the Office and the Future of our Workplaces

Our recent Way We Work webinar, featuring experts from global design and architecture firm Gensler, explored how the way we’re working during the pandemic is impacting how we prepare to return to the office in the future.

Marketer Q+A: Gray Fleming of Elite Hearing Network

Leading through this moment of uncertainty may mean pivoting away from process, writes Gray Fleming, Senior Vice President at Elite Hearing Network.

A Model for Building Marketing Teams in Uncertain Times

Now, more than ever, having the right talent mix is crucial to saving money, time and resources. Read on to learn more about how to keep your marketing efforts strong.

#CoffeeUp for Second Harvest Heartland

We've challenged our community to help feed families in need by donating the cost of a coffee. We've been amazed by the gratitude shown but we're not quite done.

Returning to the Office? Consider This

Six things to be mindful of when thinking about how to make a healthy and safe return to the office.

Marketer Q+A: Rebecca Martin of Calabrio

Calabrio's CMO on why marketing leaders need grace and empathy during these trying times.

Marketer on Demand: Heidi Klima

Leading product launches across multiple teams is all in a day's work for seasoned consultant Heidi.

Marketer Q+A: Brandon Broxey of Best Buy

"I am making a daily and — at times — hourly effort to bring my team up to speed on the reasons for decisions and critical upcoming work. So much goodness comes from ensuring you and your team are connected."

Marketer Q+A: Maria Hokanson of Dairy Queen

Maria Hokanson is leading her team through this uncertain time by creating a strategic communications framework, laid out in three phrases.

Marketing Leaders: Here’s How to Engage Your Team Remotely

Distractions at home or social isolation are major hurdles to getting work done and staying connected right now. Here's how to overcome those obstacles to stay engaged with your team as we all work remotely for the foreseeable future.

Marketer Q+A: Peter Favilla of Pentair

While having a team spread out over the world brings its own challenges, it has also provided unexpected upsides, according to Peter Favilla, vice president of marketing at Pentair.

Marketer on Demand: Craig Pladson

Craig has spent his career driving digital innovation while leading teams at great companies like General Mills, Colle+McVoy, GoKart Labs and Ovative Group. He's also an adjunct teacher at the University of Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas.

Marketer Q+A: Amanda Brinkman of Deluxe

Amanda Brinkman, Chief Brand Officer of Deluxe, shares her ideas on what's important for work right now, how brands can actually make a difference and predicts what the future of work will look like.

Strategic Planning During a Marketing Standstill

Fine-tuning your marketing strategy right now may feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Instead, this is an opportunity to be proactive and prepare for when the uncertainty passes.

Marketer Q+A: Kymm Martinez of University of St. Thomas

The University of St. Thomas' CMO provides helpful advice on how to evaluate ad spend during this pandemic, seek out new opportunities to engage audiences and effectively communicate with employees.

COVID-19 is Affecting Everyone. Here's How Independent Workers Can Respond

Antenna's founder and CEO shares his advice and insights on how independent workers across the country can make it through this crisis.

Marketer on Demand: David Sigel

David helps growing and transforming companies strategically elevate their marketing system.

How to Prepare for a Video Interview: 8 Indispensable Tips

As coronavirus spreads, video interviews are becoming the safest way for interviewers and candidates to meet. Make sure you're adequately prepared with these tips for candidates and interviewers alike.

Our New Way of Working: A Note from Antenna's CEO

"The marketing community in Minnesota is an incredible group of smart, creative and inspiring people. Let’s continue to support each other during the weeks and months ahead."

Marketer Q+A: Brad Smith of Schwan's

Schwan's Vice President of Brand Marketing shares his experience with how his work is changing and the importance of being decisive in this current environment.

Purpose and a Paycheck: Finding Meaning, Money and Happiness in the Second Half of Life

Chris Farrell, journalist and Marketplace's senior economics contributor, shares his findings and thoughts on how an aging population might actually be good for the U.S. economy.

Scott Dikkers on How to Screw Up as Successfully as The Onion

The founder and editor of the popular satirical paper The Onion, Scott Dikkers speaks with characteristic energy and sardonic wit about how he built his team and the lessons he’s learned from his years not only as an outrageous marketer, but as a leader.

The Ultimate Guide to the STAR Method

A deeper dive into what the STAR method is and how to use it effectively in your next interview.

What You’re Doing Wrong On Your Resume

Are you marketing yourself correctly? Check out these tips from our director of talent, Robin Oxley.

How to Prepare For Your Interview

A successful interview starts long before you walk in the door.

How to Win Your Phone Interview

While phone interviews are becoming more and more popular, they take a slightly different skill set than a traditional job interview.

How to Find Your Next Job Opportunity

If you’ve ever tried to find a new job, you know that looking for work is a lot of work.

The Influence and Impact of Changing Demographics

Minnesota in the midst of profound change. How will our shifting demographics impact the way we nurture talent?

The Simple Guide to Improving Your Email Automation

Your email list may be your biggest asset. Three industry insiders share their tops on how to make the most of your email marketing.

4 Ways to Jumpstart Your Job Search in 2020

Start the year off right with advice from the professionals: Antenna's Talent team. We've assembled their expert advice into a four-part series on how to nail every aspect of searching for that perfect new gig.

Five Rules for Content

Five simple rules to make sure that your content marketing is not only keeping up with the times, but taking your company forward.

3 Brand Strategies to Get From Ikea

Three things Ikea is doing right, and how you can take it home and put it together for yourself.

The Future of Changing Demographics

Two major questions are facing Minnesotans as a community, and the Minnesota workforce in particular: how are our communities changing? And how does that impact how we foster the future of the talent market?

Give to the Max Day 2019

November 14 is Give to the Max Day and a perfect time to recognize our nonprofit partners, clients and friends.

How to Win at Content Marketing

How can a smart brand stand out? Four things to consider, and reconsider, if you want to win at content marketing.

Antenna Wins American Staffing Association Care Award for Good Works

Giving back to the community is at the core of Antenna's values. We're humbled to receive this award recognizing Good Works.

How to Find Your Next Big Idea

It can be hard to know which rules were made to be broken.

Antenna Recognized as a Top Marketing Firm by Twin Cities Business Magazine

We’re honored to appear on this list alongside so many other great companies, including many of our marketing friends and clients.

Is Your Company Set Up to Succeed With the Gig Economy?

The gig economy is becoming part of the new normal for workers, and companies that know how to engage on-demand talent have a significant competitive advantage.

Working Too Much Is Hurting Your Productivity

Taking time away from work may be the secret to getting more work done. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, there’s science to back it up.

In Brand We Trust

Insights from an expert panel and The BrandLab about what role brands and business have to play in creating a more diverse and inclusive future, and how you can get involved.

Leading with a Purpose: Making Your Work More Meaningful

So how can you activate your purpose at work? How can you inspire and ignite your teams to connect from a deeper level? Brandon Peele, of Imperative, is here to help.

The Secret Weapon for a High-Performing Culture

In a collaborative space, trust, support, and the ability to take the perspective of others is crucial for success and team health. Building supportive and encouraging relationships takes dedicated effort.

Three Questions to Ask When Evaluating New Marketing Technology

There’s no perfect martech stack – just the right suite that works for your needs. Three questions to consider before making a new investment.

Evolving Workplace Design

We invited four industry experts to talk about the evolution of workplace design. Read on to learn more about what’s now, and what’s next, in where we work.

How To Handle Your First Consulting Gig Like a Pro

Through our experiences, we've identified several factors to consider for your first gig as a consultant to be as successful as possible.

The Value of Diversity in the Workplace

“While social justice typically is the initial impetus behind these efforts, companies have increasingly begun to regard inclusion and diversity as a source of competitive advantage, and specifically as a key enabler of growth,” finds McKinsey’s latest report.

How to Pivot Your Career

Four tips to make sure that you’re taking charge of your career and making the most of the opportunities before you.

Ask the Marketing Career Coach: The Simple Trick to Setting the Right Goals

These past 365 days tell a colorful story about your body of work, your work experience, what you’ve accomplished and what’s gotten in your way. Too often, we just keep moving forward on autopilot without taking advantage of the opportunity to learn from our past experiences.

Happy Holidays from Antenna

In the flurry of this holiday season, we want to pause and say how grateful we are for you. It's been a great year at Antenna, and that would not have happened without your enthusiasm and support. 

Cali Williams Yost on Creating A High-Performance Flexible Work Culture In Your Organization

Workplace strategist Cali Williams Yost shares how individuals, teams, and managers can help create a cultural change toward flexible work.

Marketing Leader Series: Scott Belsky, Adobe’s Chief Product Officer, on Navigating the Messy Middle

From design to entrepreneurship, from being an investor to being deep in product teams, it seems Scott Belsky's done it all. During our interview, he shares a bit about his professional journey, navigating large companies, and brining new ideas to life.

Four Things You'll Learn About Business After Taking Some Much-Needed Vacation Time

Time away from work is incredibly important -- it’s important for companies to give employees time to disconnect and recharge, and it’s important for all of us as employees to actually use our vacation time.

The Work We Do: Fractional Leadership Through Organizational Change

Clients who face major internal changes are looking for stability and consistency. Antenna provides that through interim leadership from our marketing consultants. Here’s one example.

Antenna Named to Consulting Magazine's Fastest Growing Firms List for Third Year

"These firms are the future, and they deserve to be recognized,” writes Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Joseph Kornik.

Antenna Presents: Scott Belsky, Keynote Speaker, MIMA Summit 2018

We could not be more exited to partner up with MIMA and sponsor Scott Belsky for his mid-day keynote address at this year’s MIMA Summit on October 29. His passion for marketing, new work models, and supporting independents matches our mission perfectly.

The One Thing On Your Desk Killing Your Productivity (Yes, It’s Your Phone)

When we rely on our devices to do our thinking, we lose our capacity for memory, clarity, and concentration. And by anticipating an interruption or need, we’re already out of the moment that we’re in. The expectation to be ever-available and hyper-connected erodes our ability to be present and productive.

Antenna Makes the Fast 50 for Fifth Consecutive Year

Antenna is proud to be the 36th fastest-growing company on the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal's 2018 Fast 50.

Antenna Recognized as Best of Business by Twin Cities Business Magazine for Third Year in a Row

The smart, experienced people and strong business community have powered our business from day one, and we’re humbled that the local community recognized Antenna for the third time as a top Marketing/Advertising firm by the Twin Cities Business Magazine's Best of Business Awards.

Gen Z @ Work

Jonah Stillman, generational expert and Gen Z’er himself, shared his perspective and research about the rising ranks of Gen Z during the latest The Way We Work lecture series, presented by Antenna and the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. Are you ready for the next generation?

Back to School: Let’s All Talk About Our Work-Life Realities

For years there was a stigma around sharing too much about your life outside of work, but that’s changing, which is good for everyone. The more we all talk about how we manage our full, integrated, sometimes-complicated lives, the more we can understand and help each other.

The Work We Do: Improving Hospitality Customer Loyalty

Antenna consultants often come into an organization for just a few months, but their goal is to leave behind resources for the long term. Molly did just that for a global hospitality company.

So You Want To Be A Consultant? Five Signs Consulting Is Right for You

Thanks to the buzz about the gig economy, more and more professionals are considering the move to a more fluid, flexible career.

Antenna Makes the Inc. 5000 for Fifth Consecutive Year

It is such an honor to be named to the Inc 5000 five years running, and it’s thanks to our great consultants and employees that we’re able to continue to grow and evolve as a leader providing on-demand marketing talent to companies across the Twin Cities.

Marketing Leader Series: Career Advice from Paymon Farazi

UnitedHealth Group’s Paymon Farazi shares his advice for building a diverse career, committing to constant learning and bringing in diverse perspectives.

Marketo Power Users Share What They Learned from the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit

Whether you’re a professional email marketer or just want to know what the hottest trends are in marketing and customer engagement, you have to look no further than the annual Marketo Summit for the expert advice and insider perspective.

The Four People You Need to Succeed

Everyone needs a support system. From the C-Suite to just starting out, we all get by with a little help from our friends. (And our challengers.)

4 Marketing Trends on the Rise – According to Gartner Digital Marketing Conference

Our team’s takeaways from Gartner 2018 with the insights you need to stay ahead of the game.

Save the Date – The Way We Work is Back September 14

Move over millennials – this long-maligned group is giving way to Gen Z. Our fall session, on September 14, will focus on the impending generational shift and the implications it has on our working lives. 

Ask the Marketing Career Coach: Facing Your Fears

Three strategies to change the narrative and work with your worries.

The Work We Do: Communicating with Employees Around the World

Antenna consultant Cathy shares how she’s helping one large company develop internal communications strategies to reach a diverse employee base.

Reconsider The Organizational Chart And Build A Future-Proof Workforce

It might sound like a headache to put together such complex teams, but the rapid expansion of technology and shifting attitudes about work give leaders more efficient, cost-effective ways to get work done and bring in new skills.

Four Tips to Make Your Digital Marketing Strategy A Reality

We talked with digital marketing strategist Renée Gellatly about the mistakes companies make, and what it takes to have a robust – and integrated – digital marketing strategy.

Why Authenticity is Key to Growing Your Business

Being authentic means putting the customer’s best interests before your own, prioritizing their goals over closing the deal, and being honest about what your team can deliver.

Introducing Indypendently: An Online Destination For Solo Workers

Indypendently.com features advice, inspiration, and other relevant independent business content for solo workers and for those who dream of going out on their own.

Marketing Leader Series: Amy Zaroff on Experiential Marketing

Our company is in the business of producing life’s most memorable experiences. We do that by ensuring that form and function work together and the guest is moved through the experience both physically and emotionally without even realizing it. Whether it’s a booth at a festival or a big annual meeting, we’re always looking to surprise and delight.

The Way We Work: Navigating the Gig Economy

In an economy that changes so dynamically, both employees and businesses are responding and becoming more mobile. Mulcahy lays it out clearly; “The gig economy solves a lot of problems in our traditional jobs economy.”

Practicing Fearless Conversations with The BrandLab

The BrandLab hosted their annual Fearless Conversation event. The tough questions, and thoughtful answers, we're still thinking about.

The Future of Marketing is Digital – and Very Human

From chatbots to Big Data, what role will humans play? A very vital one, according to digital strategy expert Paul Sanders.

How to Choose Your Next Job Opportunity

Four ways smart professionals can make the most of this talent-focused market to advance their career and really get ahead, from Antenna's director of talent development Robin Oxley.

Real Good: Global Work, Local Impact

Claudia’s role as an Antenna consultant gives her the flexibility to support children with terminal illnesses.

Marketing Leader Series: John T. Meyer on What's Next in Marketing

Where marketing is going and what makes for great culture with John T. Meyer, the founder of Lemonly and Fabric.

Ask the Marketing Career Coach: How to Quell the Fear of Not Doing Enough

How much hustling is enough? Setting goals and having good boundaries as a freelancer is crucial. Tips from mono Director of Talent Julie Vessel on how to find what works for you.

Top Three Things St. Paul Saints Do to Focus on Customer and Brand

We talked with Eddie Coblentz, Director of Community Partnerships and Fan Services for the St. Paul Saints baseball team about what he’s learned about building loyalty, enthusiasm, and a brand that truly puts its fans first.

Navigating the Freelance Economy: Three Paths to Success

Brendon Schrader joined Chad Eckes of C2E and Mynul Khan of Field Nation to talk about the future of work and the different ways that independents are navigating the freelance economy.

Facebook Live and Making New Traditions: MIMA Coffee + Case Studies

space150 shared about their experiences with the Be The Match Marrowthon on Facebook Live, and Olson took us behind the scenes of the Minnesota Wild's Our Ice campaign.

How to Own Your Contributions in a Job Interview

Robin Oxley, Antenna’s director of talent development, interviews hundreds of marketers every year. Here are her tips on making your achievements stand out in your next interview.

The Way We Work: The Changing American Workplace

Antenna has partnered with the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management to present a seminar series to bring thought leadership, discussion, and programming around future of work topics.

Marketing Leader Series: Steve Rudolph on Authentic Storytelling

"Authentic storytelling builds your brand by building credibility and trust in your organization. You may have the coolest ads or the greatest logo, but without real connective stories, people won't take you seriously." - Steve Rudolph

2018 Community Impact Awards - Winner

Great news to share! Antenna’s Good Works program has been named as the Workplace Giving category winner of the MN Business Magazine Community Impact Awards for 2018.

Your First 30 Days: A To-Do List For New Independent Workers

The nitty-gritty of the set-up isn’t as fun as the dreaming and strategizing, but these practical elements are essential to getting everything in motion so you can get back to the exciting things like making your first sale and reaching your goals.

Jennifer Laible Makes Minnesota Business (Real) Power 50

We’re pleased to announce that Antenna President Jennifer Laible is being recognized by Minnesota Business Magazine as one of the 2018 (Real) Power 50 business leaders for 2018.

What Your Office Can Learn from the Coworking Trend

Not everyone has the flexibility, budget, or need to move into a coworking space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still capitalize on this trend.

Millennials and the Changing Future of Work

The ‘old’ have always complained about the young, and with relish. Adam Grant points out, “When you look at the data, millennials are not that different from the rest of us in what they want.” More on his conversation with Simon Sinek and Katie Couric from the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Marketing Leader Series: Audra Carson on Owned Media

The "First Lady of Content Marketing," Betty Crocker, has a lot to teach brands of all sizes about the power of owned media. Antenna caught up with Audra Carson of General Mills, to learn how to capitalize on this growing trend.

Antenna Introduces: The Way We Work

We’re excited to announce a new seminar series in partnership with the Carlson School of Management called The Way We Work to bring thought leadership, discussion, and programming around future of work topics.

What NOT to Say in a Job Interview

Robin Oxley, Antenna’s director of talent development, interviews hundreds of marketers every year. Get her pro tips on what to say — and not say — in an interview.

Design Thinking for Your Freelance Career

Three strategies from Silicon Valley to engineer the career and life you want. 

2017 Year in Review

It’s been a busy year for us at Antenna, and a great one to be sure. From new clients and consultants to an expanded internal team and lots of Good Works, we have so much to be grateful for.

Real Good: Supporting Families Living with Mental Illness

Donna’s role as an Antenna consultant gives her time for other important work: helping families battling mental illness.

Ask the Marketing Career Coach: How to Stay Positive in a Negative Work Environment

Get six strategies for making work a more positive place.

Real Good: Working with Refugee Families in the Twin Cities

Antenna staff accountant Drake Friesen is making a difference for refugee families who need a helping hand.

2018 Community Impact Awards Finalist

We’re pleased to announce that Antenna has been chosen as a finalist for the Community Impact Awards by Minnesota Business Magazine.

Consulting Magazine Ranks the Profession’s Fastest Growing Firms

"These firms are the future, and they deserve to be recognized,” writes Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Joseph Kornik.

Marketing Tips from the 2017 MIMA Summit

Five things you need to consider, taken from MIMA's Keynote Speakers at Summit 2017.

Marketing Leader Series: cmnd+m’s Krista O’Malley on Why Experience Design Matters

cmnd+m’s Krista O’Malley says creative perspectives are key when it comes to designing experiences for end users. Learn how her team uses design to solve problems.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Chris Guillebeau on Starting a Side Hustle

Author and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau tells what you need to know about the art of successful side hustles. 

Antenna Makes the Fast 50 for Fourth Consecutive Year

Antenna comes in at #21 on this year's Fast 50 list from Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. 

Marketo User Group: Content Strategy and Email Segmentation

How to find, nurture, and reach your best audience - Marketo experts share their actionable insights at the Marketo User Group meeting.

Health Care Costs Go Transparent: MIMA Coffee + Case Studies

A top health insurer wanted to change the game on cost transparency for in-the-moment care needs, and a corporation with many uniquely-branded sales and service centers wanted to align strategies and deliver a cohesive online experience. Mirum and The Nerdery shared their projects and process at MIMA's Coffee + Case Studies.

The Work We Do: Supporting Marketing Teams During Parental Leaves

Antenna clients need consultants who provide value from day one, such as during parental leaves. Find out how Carlos does just that even while learning on the fly.

Real Good: Volunteering as a Speaking Coach

Aly’s role as an Antenna consultant freed up her time (and head space!) to pursue her passions and commitments in her community.

How to Integrate a Consultant into Your Talent Mix

Hiring a consultant? Here’s what you need to know first.

Antenna Recognized as Best of Business by Twin Cities Business Magazine

We’re proud to be included on this list alongside so many other great companies, including many of our marketing friends and clients.

Marketing Leader Series: How Medtronic’s Justin Roberts Built an International Marketing Career

Medtronic’s Justin Roberts has always been open to opportunities in his career; learn more about his advice for marketers in a changing environment.

The Work We Do: Asking New Questions Through Market Research

What do coffee meetings have to do with market research? A lot, according to Antenna consultant Michael.

Top Takeaways from Digital Summit

Erin Hoolihan Korman and Melina Rossbach, from the Antenna Client and Talent teams respectively, were at Digital Summit and brought back everything you need to know.

Antenna Makes the Inc. 5000 for Fourth Consecutive Year

Being named to the Inc. 5000 is a direct reflection of our consultants' hard work. They are the face of our brand, and our growth is fueled by the collective work of all the great people we have here at Antenna.

Ask the Marketing Career Coach: How to Have a Tough Conversation with Your Manager

Asking for a raise? Looking for a promotion? Follow Julie Vessel’s tips to make those big, scary conversations more manageable.

What's on the Minds of Minnesota Marketers? MIMA's Trend Report

After several hundred survey responses and one-on-one interviews, MIMA complied their Marketing Report. Read about how Minnesota's marketers are making sense of the tangled web of marketing tools, trends, and technology. 

The Work We Do: Bringing an Outside Perspective to Important Branding Work

Antenna clients are looking for an outsider’s perspective and new ideas. Find out how Lauren used creative thinking to earn big success as an Antenna consultant.

Marketing Leader Series: How Mark Derks Built a Content Engine at C.H. Robinson

One marketing leader’s guide to building a results-focused content marketing practice.

What’s Happening in Retail Marketing: Digital Is Everything

Digital marketing strategies from retail - what you can learn from these trends.

How to Find Work You Love

Tips for finding a job you love: Audit what you’re looking for from work, then figure out how to make it happen.

Marketing Leader Series: Joe Cecere, Little & Company

Working as a designer has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Joe Cecere tells us what his design team is doing to stay ahead of the curve.

Trends We’re Watching: Advocate Marketing

Everyone’s talking about advocate marketing, but what does it really mean? We asked the advocate marketing experts at Influitive for a quick lesson.

The Work We Do: Supporting Marketers During Transition

Antenna clients often need help managing major change. Find out how April jumped in to help overwhelmed teams manage new workloads.

We Need More ‘Fearless Conversations’

The BrandLab’s Fearless Conversations get Twin Cities marketers talking about diversity (and the diversity problem) in marketing.

Antenna’s Secret Weapon: EOS

Our leadership team headed to Atlanta to talk business strategy with other growth-minded leaders.

Marketing Leader Series: Alexis Walsko, Lola Red PR

What do service and PR have to do with each other? This PR firm founder says the answer is simple: everything.

How Hamburger Helper Went Viral: MIMA Coffee + Case Studies Recap

Hamburger Helper releases a mix-tape, and other marketing surprises.

What the Antenna Team Learned at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit

What can three experienced marketers learn when they get together with 6,500 colleagues? A lot.

Ask the Marketing Career Coach: How to Manage Work When Your Personal Life Takes Priority

If you’re facing a major life event or personal challenge, how can you stay on top of your work? Career coach Julie Vessel shares her tips for better work-life balance when life comes first.

Marketing Leader Series: Eric Gohs, Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant’s Eric Gohs is always looking for new ways to connect the brand with its audience. Find out why he advocates “failing forward” and “finding the why.”

Jennifer Laible Recognized with Women in Business Award

Antenna is pleased to announce that Jennifer Laible, President of Antenna, has been selected as a 2017 Women in Business Award winner by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

How to Fire Yourself and Find Your Career Path

How does “firing yourself” get you on the path to doing what you want to do? Read our recap of Antenna’s learning event to find out.

How to Find the Right Talent Mix for Your Content Marketing Team

Content marketing is constant. The pressure to publish can be overwhelming. So how are the best organizations building successful content teams?

What We Can Learn from Gallup’s State of the American Workplace Report

Do your employees want what your workplace is selling?

Antenna Named a Best Place to Work in the Twin Cities for Third Straight Year

We’re celebrating three years of award-winning community.

One Year of Good Works: 165,000 Meals Donated

We set a big goal for 2016 for our new community program, and we knocked it out of the park. Find out what Good Works is all about.

How to Answer the Mid-Career Question, 'What Should I Do Next?'

If you’re in the middle of your career and don’t know how to plan your next move, Brendon Schrader has a few tips.

How to Rethink Your Personal Brand (Online and Off)

Do you know your reputation, online and off? LinkedIn trainer Anne Pryor has advice to help you go deeper in crafting and understanding your personal brand.

How 3M and Olson Are Thinking Differently: MIMA Coffee + Case Studies

How did 3M partner with MC Hammer to get people to think beyond nails? Communications manager Jessica Hack shared her team's innovative strategies. Plus, a billboard with a beat to promote Belize by Olson.

Marketing Leader Series: Jeffrey Gorder, Mono

The agency landscape is changing, and Jeffrey Gorder has an eye on how agency leaders can respond.

Jennifer Laible Announced as President of Antenna

Four years after joining Antenna as Vice President, Jennifer Laible takes on an expanded role as President, leading and executing the next chapter of growth for the firm. 

What the Growing Gig Economy Means for Every Business

The gig economy is here to stay. McKinsey’s Kelsey Robinson’s advice: Look for ways to incorporate the flexibility of independent work into your culture.

Ask the Marketing Career Coach: How Can I Rekindle the Joy of Being a Manager?

Want to be happier as a manager? Career coach Julie Vessel shares simple ways to be a more effective manager, starting with saying thank you.

Dell Global HR Leader: Flexible Work is More Than a Perk; It’s Good Business

Work is something you do rather than a place where you are. Mohammed Chahdi’s advice: Build a policy and instill remote work in your culture rather than thinking of it as a perk or reward for certain employees.

5 Big Ideas That Will Drive the Future of Marketing Tech

How will globalization, the Internet of Things and manufacturing changes drive innovation in the future of marketing? Antenna consultant Jennifer Kemp shares the ideas she brought back from the Digital Experience Summit.

How Work Works: A Wake-Up Call from ‘The Gig Economy’ Author Diane Mulcahy

Do you have an “employee mindset” or are you driving your own career and financial stability? We asked the author of “The Gig Economy” how individual workers and organizations should rethink the way they look at jobs, management and the arc of a career.

Marketing Leader Series: Maureen Brener, Land O’Lakes

Land O’Lakes wants to get the word out about its mission and culture, and use it to attract top talent. Learn more.

How Sleep Number Puts the Customer at the Center of Everything

Sleep Number is focused on providing a personalized sleep experience for every customer. That dedication to the customer has shaped the company’s strategy. Learn more.

Ask the Marketing Career Coach: How Do I Move My Career Forward?

What do you want to achieve in your career? How will you get there? Who will help you on the way? Career coach Julie Vessel maps out 5 steps you can take to move toward your career goals.

How to Live a Good Life: Jonathan Fields’ Advice for Creating Meaningful Work

Marketers can find meaning in their work by asking who they’re serving and why it matters, says Jonathan Fields, author of the successful book “How to Live a Good Life.”

Connecting Online Data with Offline Customer Actions: MIMA Coffee + Case Studies

Twin Cities marketers learned about an award-winning medical marketing website and how to connect digital info to real-life results.

Marketing Leader Series: Grant Barrick, Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information

In this interview, Grant Barrick shares what it’s like to have innovation in your job title -- and why leaders should accept and welcome failure.

Tips on Building Your Network

Networking tips: Identify the value you bring and confidently share that with others.

Why Creatives Should Embrace Business Thinking

What do banana peels have to do with creative business strategy? Find out in this interview with the very creative Dion Hughes.

What Organizations Need to Know About the Rise of Remote Work

Telecommuting has more than doubled in the U.S. since 2005. We talked to FlexJobs founder Sara Sutton Fell to find out why organizations are moving toward remote work, what leaders can do to give employees the flexibility they’re looking for and how to be a productive remote worker.

An Independent Worker’s Starter Guide

How is independent work different than life as an employee? We spell it out and offer advice for first-time independents.

Ask the Marketing Career Coach: How Can I Keep Learning and Improving?

If you don’t have the luxury of a corporate training program, how can you keep improving your core skills? Marketing coach Julie Vessel has ideas you can use to boost your learning right away.

Marketing Leader Series: Leah Larson, Ecolab

What does a global brand strategist really need to know? Leah Larson tells us why soft skills are must-haves for marketing leaders.

Antenna Pitches in for Hunger Action Month

We’re committed to doing good works together to serve our community. Learn more about our first Good Works volunteering event.

Antenna Named Top Marketing Firm by Twin Cities Business

We’re honored to be selected by our diverse local business community as a top firm.

Working Differently: How PwC Thinks About Flexibility

Can big companies really go flexible? PwC’s Peter Yobo says yes. Here’s how.

Marketing Leader Series: David Baker, Cordial

What do data, email and the Internet of Things have in common? They’re all hubs that the most progressive digital marketers are thinking about. David Baker sheds light on the future of marketing.

Antenna Makes the Inc. 5000 for Third Consecutive Year

Find out why 2016 has been a great year for the Antenna team.

5 Work-Life Balance Strategies That Work for Me

Antenna Vice President Jennifer Laible shares the lessons she’s learned on keeping her stress down and her priorities clear as a busy working parent.

The Work We Do: Marketing Change Management

Antenna consultants get into the “weeds and the guts” of messy marketing challenges. One consultant shares his story of creating change and bringing marketers together at an educational content company.

Antenna's Summer Consultant Meeting: Marketing Automation and Analytics

Get tips from two Antenna experts on maximizing how you use marketing analytics and automation.

Ask the Marketing Career Coach: How to Overcome Your Inner Critic

“You can’t do this.” “You’re not good enough.” “This big step is too much.” Sound familiar? Get expert tips on overcoming that little voice inside your head.

How Culture Impacts Your Brand, and Vice Versa

Culture is about more than a poster on the wall. Great cultures help employees become better people. Kristoffer “KC” Carter shares advice on building an intentional, authentic culture.

Marketing Leader Series: Mardi Larson, PetSmart

Learn why PetSmart PR pro Mardi Larson wants stories that are “short, succinct and burst-y.”

How I Made Work Work for Me, and How You Can Too

This is the Antenna origin story: How Brendon Schrader set out to create a better way to work

How to Weather the Cycles of Freelance Life: an Interview with Jake Nassif

An Antenna collaborator and freelance copywriter shares how he makes freelancing work, how he stays interested and how to weather the cycles of freelance life.

Antenna Celebrates 10 Years and a “Best Place to Work” Award

We’re celebrating big news at Antenna.

Ask the Marketing Career Coach: Work-Life Balance

Everyone’s talking about “balance,” but how can busy professionals make time for work and all of their other priorities? Mono Director of Talent Julie Vessel has ideas to help you.

Marketing Leader Series: Steve Peck, Contently

For many marketers, how an audience really engages with content can seem like a black box. Docalytics, an analytics company recently acquired by Contently, is changing that. We talked to co-founder Steve Peck to find out how.

The Work We Do: Mapping the Healthcare Customer Journey

Antenna consultant Meredith has a closet full of inventions at home, and she brings that innovative approach to her work with healthcare companies trying to understand the customer journey.

ABM and Marketing Stacks: Marketo Marketing Nation Summit Highlights

We sent our marketing automation specialists to Marketo’s big event. Here’s what they learned.

Work-Life Fit Through Flexibility: A Discussion With Cali Yost

Workplace flexibility can help improve productivity, says culture change expert Cali Yost.

Big News: Announcing Good Works by Antenna

What if you could help a family in need, every single hour of every single work day?

Two Marketing Pros Share Tips at MIMA Coffee + Case Studies

At the latest MIMA Coffee + Case Studies event, Twin Cities marketers learned about Snapchat and modern healthcare marketing.

EY Announces Antenna CEO Brendon Schrader as an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2016 Finalist in the Upper Midwest

Ten years after he started Antenna, Brendon Schrader receives prestigious award for emerging entrepreneurs.

Antenna Named 18th Largest Consulting Firm by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

Antenna is the only firm on the list with a sole focus on the marketing discipline.

The Evolution of Design: Interview with Sharon Werner, Werner Design Werks

Sharon Werner is a design legend. After creating branding for some of the biggest names around, what projects give her energy? She gave us the scoop in this interview.

The Work We Do: Balancing Work, Life and World Travel

With his love of world travel and strong background in marketing, Zac is a great example of how the new world of work opens unique opportunities. He’s able to work with clients no matter his current location, solving their marketing problems and helping them build their businesses.

Marketing Leader Series: Alissa Montbriand, Carlson Rezidor

Alissa Montbriand is tackling big marketing challenges for a major hotel brand. In this interview, she shares how she’s setting priorities and finding new ways to engage customers as technology constantly changes.

Author Interview: “The Physics of Brand”

“The Physics of Brand” is a new book that explores how brands and people interact across space and time -- and what happens when they intersect.

Marketing Leader Series: Don Smithmier, The Big Know

Online learning is booming -- more than 29 million people took an online course last year. But brands have been absent. Enter The Big Know.

Ask the Marketing Career Coach: How to Rethink Your Annual Review

Do you dread your annual review? Julie Vessel has three tips for rethinking your review as a two-way conversation about highs, lows and opportunities.

Brendon Schrader Makes Minnesota Business (Real) Power 50

Minnesota Business magazine names Antenna CEO Brendon Schrader to its 2016 (Real) Power 50 List.

Real Good: Making Time to Volunteer

Antenna’s director of talent development has made volunteering a priority. Antenna is focused on building a better community. Read why that matters for Robin and the rest of our team.

How to Be Happier at Work

Could three simple tricks really help you be happier at work? Researcher Theresa Glomb thinks so. Here's how we've been applying her tips to our work life. 

Ask the Marketing Career Coach: How to Start a New Job for Success

We hear a lot of questions from marketers about how to get, keep, and love their dream job. Career coach and agency Talent Director Julie Vessel is answering those questions and sharing her tips for landing and loving your role as a marketer.

The Work We Do: Solving Marketing Automation Problems

Find out how Antenna’s consultants serve as marketing automation experts for clients of all sizes and industries.

Marketing Leader Series: Ellen Walthour, The BrandLab

Looking for a way to put your marketing talent to good use through service? Ellen Walthour of The BrandLab has an answer. Learn how The BrandLab is building a more diverse marketing community through outreach to students.

Marketing Experts Offer Tips at Antenna Hosted MIMA Event

We were excited to host MIMA's new event series, Coffee+Case Studies. Learn more inside about content marketing and SEO strategies that brought big success for two brands.

The Work We Do: International Marketing Support

Learn how our consultant provides international marketing support from her current home base in Mexico — no matter where her clients are.

Big To Small: 5 Lessons from My Corporate Career That Make Me a Better Small Business Leader

Great perspective from our own Jennifer Laible about the transition from big to small. Learn more inside.

​Introducing Marketer by Antenna

Marketer is part of our effort to create a strong, well-connected community of marketers ready to thrive in the changing world of work. Learn more inside.

Real Good: Antenna Consultants Help a Primary School in Uganda

As we build our community of marketers, we’ve always been interested in how we can leverage that community to do good both locally and globally.

The Work We Do: Rebranding a Global Client at Home and Around the World

Learn how our consultant helped a global company update its brand internally and externally.

Real Good: Supporting Social Enterprise for Growth

Antenna’s Katie Kalkman leads the creation of the Minneapolis Impact Hub, and in turn enables an ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities for entrepreneurs to do good.

Antenna Makes the Fast 50 for the Second Consecutive Year in a Row

We’re proud to announce that Antenna was named to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s list of the 50 fastest-growing private companies for the second consecutive year, coming in at #23.

Marketing Leaders Series: Brian Robinson of DreamWorks Animation

Brian Robinson, Global Head of Creative, Design and Development at DreamWorks Animation shares his career path and what characteristics he looks for in up-and-coming marketing talent.

Five Skills Every Professional Should Steal from Entrepreneurs

Brendon Schrader shares his thoughts with the Huffington Post about corporate career mistakes and how thinking like an entrepreneurial can help bolster your career.

Real Good: Antenna Helps Nonprofit Update Their Brand

Parents For Heart is a Minnesota-based support group that has served families affected by congenital heart disease for the past 40 years — but you may not have known that, looking at its website last year.

Do You Belong at Antenna?

Welcome to Antenna. We're on the lookout for our next Talent Acquisition Coordinator, a vital link between our company and our community of marketing consultants. If you’re ready for real challenges and a deeper kind of connection, Antenna could be your team.

​The Work We Do: Creating a Web Analytics Solution for a Major Health Care Provider

Learn how our consultant helped create an analytics practice that could provide meaningful insight into the performance and interactions of our client's web properties.

Antenna Makes the 2015 Inc. 5000 for the Second Consecutive Year

Antenna has made the 2015 Inc. 5000, ranking # 2187 in the magazine's list of fastest-growing companies in the U.S.

Why The Freelancer Economy Is On The Rise

Our Founder Brendon Schrader shares his thoughts on the Rise of the Freelance Economy with Fast Company.

How to Build Irrational Brand Loyalty

At our recent quarterly learning event, Antenna consultants were joined by experienced marketer and former JCPenney senior vice president of marketing Ruby Anik to discuss building “irrational brand loyalty.”

Real Good: Giving Back Through International Aid Work

Transformation, excitement, purpose, fulfillment, opportunity and adventure. Antenna's Chris Heino shares about his work in Uganda.

Why Marketing Analytics Can’t Run the Show

Marketers are driving the rise of marketing analytics, but at what expense? Maybe long term brand relationships.

The Winning Antenna Culture: Values, People, Community and Giving Back

We're excited to be recognized by Minnesota Business Magazine as a Top 100 Places to Work.

Evolve and Connect: Lessons from the 99U Conference

Inspiration is nothing without actionable ideas. Fortunately, both were in high supply at the 99U Conference in New York City.

What We Learned at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit

Recently we headed to San Francisco for Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit. In three days, we learned a lot from other marketers and from a few unexpected sources.

ARTCRANK @ Antenna

Charles Youel, creator of ARTCRANK, recently dropped in at Antenna to talk about his unique bike poster show and its transformation from one-off gathering to global event. Along the way, he shared some insightful advice on work, failure, and why there's no time like now to launch an idea.

Welcome, Marie

There's a fresh face at Antenna: Marie Oberle. Our new Operations Coordinator is an all-around team player who's been with Antenna a few short months… and is already indispensible.

Shoe Away Hunger: Thanks for stepping up

In December, Antenna partnered with The Shoe Away Hunger program to assist local families who don't have access to enough good food. As soon as we put out the call to donate shoes, our team, families and friends stepped up, collecting 273 pairs in just a few weeks.

Antenna In the News

We were excited to make the front page of the Star Tribune business section this Monday. Read more about Antenna's early beginnings and how our model is engaging marketers in the project-based economy. "We've shown that you can have a career in contract marketing without giving up your career."

Real Good: Community Shoe Drive

One pair of shoes = 7 days of groceries for someone in need.

This year, Antenna has partnered with a local non-profit organization, Good in the Hood, to address hunger right here in our community. It's a serious problem. Here's an easy way for you to help.

Marketing Automation: An Expert Exchange

What happens when top thinkers in marketing automation come together with organizations who are embracing these platforms as never before? Antenna found out. Watch the recent panel discussion we hosted where experts go deep into the opportunities and challenges of this exciting and fast-changing discipline.

Antenna Makes the Mpls/St. Paul Fastest-Growing Companies List

We’re proud to announce that Antenna was named to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s list of the 50 fastest-growing private companies in the Twin Cities, coming in at #28.

How Marketers Can Improve Branded Content

We sat down with Rick Kupchella and Chris Lambert of BringMeTheNews to discuss the changing landscape in content development, native advertising and the opportunities ahead for both brands and marketers.

​Our Worldview Captured in 10,000 Pencils

Earlier this year, we asked our friends Jake Nassif and Travis Olson to help us create a unique experience inside our new headquarters in Minneapolis’s North Loop. That’s how the Pencil Project was born.

Modern Marketing Series: Brendon Schrader

Our CEO Brendon Schrader sat down with Craig Pladson of General Mills to discuss marketing, entrepreneurship and Antenna as a part of Craig's blog series on Modern Marketing.

Antenna Makes the 2014 Inc. 5000

Antenna has made the 2014 Inc. 5000, ranking #1933 in the magazine’s list of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. 

Antenna has New Digs in the North Loop of Minneapolis!

This summer we moved into our new digs in the North Loop. Stop by, say hello and let's grab coffee at Moose and Sadies or a cocktail at the Monte Carlo. Our treat.

Antenna's Katie Kalkman Helps Support Social Entrepreneurs

New organization forms for social entrepreneurs.

The Minnesota Social Impact Center aims to become a hub for social enterprise activity in the state.