The Way We Work is a series that examines the future of work and the implications for the business community and individuals in a time of changing demographics, growing technology, and increasing globalization. Created in partnership by Antenna, a Minneapolis-based marketing consultancy, and the Carlson School of Management, The Way We Work brings together thought leaders, companies, and individual workers for dynamic dialogue around relevant topics.

We're facing a crisis of disengaged workers. According to the latest Gallup data, only 30%–32% of Minnesota employees are engaged at work, and nationwide, only four out of ten employees say that while they are at work, they have the opportunity to do what they do best every day. 67% of employees say they are sometimes, very often, or always burned out at work, and more than half of currently employed adults say they are currently searching for new jobs or watching for new job opportunities. Those numbers are incredibly staggering, and they should be a warning sign for employers everywhere.

We also know that engaged and happy employees are better performers overall. According to Gallup, "Human beliefs, feelings, thoughts and perceptions influence everything from business performance to front-line productivity to the customer experience." And yet, only 14% of employees strongly agree that the performance reviews they receive inspire them to improve. Employees are energized to innovate, collaborate and perform only when they feel appreciated for what they naturally bring to the table.

The question is simply, how do we empower ourselves and our employees to identify and work from what they do best? What they're most passionate about? We've been wondering the same thing, and are pleased to present two industry-leading experts to talk about how their organizations have transformed through a passion-driven approach, and how you can find your spark at work.

Join our next Way We Work series to learn from best-selling author Brandon Peele for an interactive, personalized approach to finding passion in your work, along with real world case studies and insights on how successful companies have used this purpose movement to increase satisfaction and productivity in their employees. PwC Leadership Coach Lora Geiger will share insights on ways her purpose-led firm supports their employees to find fulfillment.

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Whether you’re wondering how to find more fulfillment in your professional life or are a leader who wants to ignite their team with a sense of purpose and connection, this high-energy, hands-on session is sure to transform how you work. In this session, each individual will get the chance to work on their individual purpose, with an assessment to be taken before the event.