Minnesota’s economy is vibrant, due in large part of excellent human capital. But staying vibrant could be challenging. We are facing a potential workforce shortage in the coming decades. Jobs should continue to grow, while most regions of the state expect to see declines in their working-age populations. The story of changing demographics isn't a singular experience. Each community across the state is experiencing population changes in different ways.

Join Allison Liuzzi, Research Manager at Wilder Research, to learn more about our changing demographics and their potential impact on Minnesota’s talent market.

Tickets and registration info can be found by clicking here. See you on December 6!

More about Allison: Allison Liuzzi is a Research Manager at Wilder Research, a division of the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation. She serves as project director of Minnesota Compass, a social indicators project that measures progress in Minnesota and its communities. Allison has particular interest in demographic trends, immigration, employment, and workforce development. She manages a portfolio of related projects, including benchmarks and trends on the demographics of leaders, and indicators of interest, identity, access, and achievement in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Allison also serves on the board of the Community Indicators Consortium.

Allison joined Wilder Research in the spring of 2012. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Luther College, her master's degree from Michigan State University, and completed her doctoral coursework in sociology at the University of New Hampshire.

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