Real Good: Global Work, Local Impact

Claudia’s role as an Antenna consultant gives her the flexibility to support children with terminal illnesses.

Real Good: Supporting Families Living with Mental Illness

Donna’s role as an Antenna consultant gives her time for other important work: helping families battling mental illness.

Real Good: Working with Refugee Families in the Twin Cities

Antenna staff accountant Drake Friesen is making a difference for refugee families who need a helping hand.

Real Good: Volunteering as a Speaking Coach

Aly’s role as an Antenna consultant freed up her time (and head space!) to pursue her passions and commitments in her community.

Real Good: Making Time to Volunteer

Antenna’s director of talent development has made volunteering a priority. Antenna is focused on building a better community. Read why that matters for Robin and the rest of our team.

Real Good: Antenna Consultants Help a Primary School in Uganda

As we build our community of marketers, we’ve always been interested in how we can leverage that community to do good both locally and globally.

Real Good: Supporting Social Enterprise for Growth

Antenna’s Katie Kalkman leads the creation of the Minneapolis Impact Hub, and in turn enables an ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities for entrepreneurs to do good.

Real Good: Antenna Helps Nonprofit Update Their Brand

Parents For Heart is a Minnesota-based support group that has served families affected by congenital heart disease for the past 40 years — but you may not have known that, looking at its website last year.

Real Good: Giving Back Through International Aid Work

Transformation, excitement, purpose, fulfillment, opportunity and adventure. Antenna's Chris Heino shares about his work in Uganda.

Real Good: Community Shoe Drive

One pair of shoes = 7 days of groceries for someone in need.

This year, Antenna has partnered with a local non-profit organization, Good in the Hood, to address hunger right here in our community. It's a serious problem. Here's an easy way for you to help.

Antenna's Katie Kalkman Helps Support Social Entrepreneurs

New organization forms for social entrepreneurs.

The Minnesota Social Impact Center aims to become a hub for social enterprise activity in the state.