The Work We Do: Fractional Leadership Through Organizational Change

Clients who face major internal changes are looking for stability and consistency. Antenna provides that through interim leadership from our marketing consultants. Here’s one example.

The Work We Do: Improving Hospitality Customer Loyalty

Antenna consultants often come into an organization for just a few months, but their goal is to leave behind resources for the long term. Molly did just that for a global hospitality company.

The Work We Do: Communicating with Employees Around the World

Antenna consultant Cathy shares how she’s helping one large company develop internal communications strategies to reach a diverse employee base.

The Work We Do: Supporting Marketing Teams During Parental Leaves

Antenna clients need consultants who provide value from day one, such as during parental leaves. Find out how Carlos does just that even while learning on the fly.

The Work We Do: Asking New Questions Through Market Research

What do coffee meetings have to do with market research? A lot, according to Antenna consultant Michael.

The Work We Do: Bringing an Outside Perspective to Important Branding Work

Antenna clients are looking for an outsider’s perspective and new ideas. Find out how Lauren used creative thinking to earn big success as an Antenna consultant.

The Work We Do: Supporting Marketers During Transition

Antenna clients often need help managing major change. Find out how April jumped in to help overwhelmed teams manage new workloads.

The Work We Do: Marketing Change Management

Antenna consultants get into the “weeds and the guts” of messy marketing challenges. One consultant shares his story of creating change and bringing marketers together at an educational content company.

The Work We Do: Mapping the Healthcare Customer Journey

Antenna consultant Meredith has a closet full of inventions at home, and she brings that innovative approach to her work with healthcare companies trying to understand the customer journey.

The Work We Do: Balancing Work, Life and World Travel

With his love of world travel and strong background in marketing, Zac is a great example of how the new world of work opens unique opportunities. He’s able to work with clients no matter his current location, solving their marketing problems and helping them build their businesses.

The Work We Do: Solving Marketing Automation Problems

Find out how Antenna’s consultants serve as marketing automation experts for clients of all sizes and industries.

The Work We Do: International Marketing Support

Learn how our consultant provides international marketing support from her current home base in Mexico — no matter where her clients are.

The Work We Do: Rebranding a Global Client at Home and Around the World

Learn how our consultant helped a global company update its brand internally and externally.

​The Work We Do: Creating a Web Analytics Solution for a Major Health Care Provider

Learn how our consultant helped create an analytics practice that could provide meaningful insight into the performance and interactions of our client's web properties.