Good Works.

Make life easier for families just by doing work you love.

Hours that matter.

What if you could help people in your community every single hour of every workday? That’s what Good Works is all about. For each hour our consultants put in, we donate a meal to someone in need. One for one, day after day. Hunger is a big problem that affects all kinds of people in the Twin Cities: working families, military families, maybe even your neighbor or a co-worker.

1 in 10

1 out of 10 Minnesotans are affected by hunger at some point each year. Many are forced to choose between food and things like transportation, medical care or paying for housing.

One For One

We donate one meal to someone in need for every billable hour our consultants work. Antenna tracks the hours and makes the donations, so the good happens automatically.

It Adds Up

Just by doing what they love, our consultants are helping to fight hunger and build a healthier community here at home. The hours really add up. Our goal is to provide 1, 000,000 meals by 2020.


Meals have been provided so far

Good Works. Here's how.

The Partners

To get meals into the hands of local families, we donate to Feeding America, a national hunger relief organization with over 200 locations across the country. Feeding America steers our contributions directly to Second Harvest Heartland, a local Minneapolis-based food bank that serves meals to children, parents and seniors across Minnesota.

The Process

From the point of view of our consultants, it’s business as usual. Do work you love, bill the hours, and Antenna does the rest. At the end of the year, each consultant receives a personalized report showing how many meals they helped provide to local families. Whether you’re a part-timer or a billing machine, your contribution makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

The Impact

All this hard work translates into hundreds, and potentially even thousands of meals for people experiencing hunger. It’s about much more than food. These donations alleviate major stress for those struggling to cover their basic needs. By reducing the worry of not having enough, donations make life a little easier and more stable for families in need.

Doing good, by the hour, and after hours.

Beyond our hourly meal donations, Antenna employees and consultants come together for hands-on volunteer efforts to combat hunger in the Twin Cities. Four times a year, our team gathers locally at Second Harvest Heartland food banks, where we contribute our time, energy and money to build a healthier, happier community. If you’d like to join us, let us know.