Make your marketing automation strategy a reality.

We can help.

Marketing automation isn’t simple. With these sophisticated tools come big technical challenges and operational headaches. Antenna helps companies over the gap. Wherever you are in the process—assessing your needs or managing your system long-term—our experts step in to solve problems in ways that fit your business and budget.


We come to you for a day-long session to evaluate your challenges and recommend explicit plans to get your system, processes and team on the same page.


Leave the hard work to us. Our specialists take on targeted projects like training your team, implementing a lead lifecyle, or building out metrics.

Staff Augmentation

To fill a vacancy or provide transitional support, our experts become a seamless part of your team to cover diverse needs, from overall strategy to day-to-day administration.

Help for all platforms at every phase.

Antenna’s consultants are super-users and trouble-shooters specializing in the most-used marketing automation platforms. Whatever tools you work with, we can help improve their performance, integrate with your CRM, and empower everyone on your team to run with the ball.

Here are a few examples.


Our client is an emerging leader in digital communication for government entities around the world. With plans for rapid growth, the company is using the marketing automation platform Eloqua to nurture sales relationships. But to execute, they needed strategic and technical expertise, broad as well as deep.


As the need for marketing automation surges, skills are scarce — only a few dozen Eloqua experts work in the local market. Our consultant, a 10-year veteran, stepped in to help define the strategy and build the system around it. His background makes him a perfect translator, putting decisions at the executive level in action in areas like sales and product development. As the challenge expands, he continues to assist: aligning the company’s tools and resources to pave the way for massive growth in the next five years.

"If we want to continue our aggressive growth, we have to get customer engagement right. And we can’t do it alone."

Here are a few examples.


Our client, a software-as-a-service company, was using Marketo to improve the operational efficiency of their marketing team. Their system had been managed by one employee. When that person left, the company faced endless questions without a good resource for answers. Are we doing this right? Is it tracking properly? Is there an easier way to get these same results? And how can we take advantage of all the features we’re not using yet—like lead nurturing, scoring, and automated lead assignment?


Our consultant stepped up to help the company take charge of their system. She assessed their processes, challenges and goals, then recommended solutions to the most critical issues. She handled many action items alongside the marketing team so they could manage it going forward. Soon the client was able to create campaigns by cloning templates, saving them time and enabling them to track engagement, leads, and more. Our consultant audited their Salesforce CRM integration to ensure information was being passed accurately. By re-creating the lead scoring methodology, the quality and quantity of leads passed to the sales team increased week over week. Before she was done, our consultant documented all processes and ensured the client used best practices for maintaining their system. Voila: a well-oiled Marketo.