When you connect real people with real opportunity, they do the best work of their lives.

Meet a few of our consultants.


Welcome to a new way to work.

Today companies are engaging outside workers of all types to innovate and accomplish what they can’t do on their own. The workforce is changing, too, as people look for more flexibility and new challenges working with lots of organizations. Antenna makes it work for both sides of the equation.

Our model is built on face-to-face involvement. We get to know you starting with the first interview, learning where you want to go and helping you get there.

We don’t find you and forget you. You’re part of our community: sharing expertise and expanding your connections while pursuing challenges you were born to solve.

We can help you do what you do best. Join us.

Antenna gives you all the benefits of belonging.


Here we share much more than a business card. While our consultants are placed far and wide, Antenna nurtures a culture that unites and supports them. Through our Way We Work speaker series, our Good Works program, special events and other shared resources, our people stay connected wherever they’re working.


Antenna consultants enjoy the same kind of development opportunities as their corporate colleagues—in some cases even better. Strength assessments, peer learning, mentorship and unique events mean our people have every opportunity to improve their skills and grow their value.


Paid time off · Medical & dental insurance · Healthcare Spending Account · 401k retirement plan
· Direct deposit · Reimbursements · Talent and client referral bonuses · Access to short & long-term disability and life insurance

At Antenna, an hour is so much more.

We're here to create a better marketing community and a better Minnesota for everyone — hour by hour and day after day. That's the idea behind our Good Works program. For every hour our consultants work, Antenna donates a meal to someone in need. One hour equals one meal. It's that simple. We're helping to make the Twin Cities a healthier, happier place to live just by doing what we do best. Learn More.

Questions? Here are a few we can answer. But don't hesitate to ask us more.

  • Q What’s an Antenna? Are you a recruiter? A staffing firm?
  • A We share DNA with both, but we’re quite different, actually. This isn’t the old model of generic butts in generic seats doing generic work. Antenna’s focus is marketing — and nothing but. Our community of marketers has the hard-to-find skills companies need to get important work done. Because we understand our clients’ business and our consultants’ specialties, we solve tough problems transactional staffing firms and generalist recruiters can’t. It’s the difference between a laser-guided missile and a shot in the dark.
  • Q So you’re a big consulting firm?
  • A Au contraire. We’re a lot more nimble, not to mention faster. Instead of bringing in expensive hammers that see every problem as a nail, Antenna handpicks specialists who fit our client’s challenge, budget and way of working. Unlike the slow-moving consulting industry, we’re ready to jump right in when companies need us, not weeks or months later after the problem changes and the world’s moved on.
  • Q What type of opportunities do you have at Antenna?
  • A That depends on availability and timing, but mostly it’s up to you. We have opportunities all over the marketing map, from consumer insights to project management to digital strategy. Our clients are diverse, too: Fortune 50 companies, startups and all profiles in between. Are you an independent operator who likes to swoop in for a targeted assignment? Do you like the variety of working inside various companies for months at a time? Are you considering more permanent opportunities? Tell us what you want. We can work to make it happen.
  • Q What’s the process like?
  • A It starts with a conversation. We learn about your history and experience, what you’re great at and what makes you tick. If we think you’re a match for our team, we help you create a consultant profile, which we use to introduce you to potential clients. Then it’s on. We start actively looking for your next opportunity. As soon as we find something we think you’ll like, we call you.
  • Q Do you have a part-time retail data analysis opening near my house?
  • A It’s possible. There are projects out there for everyone. But because our work is on demand, opportunities depend on how your wants align with client needs. The narrower your requirements, the harder and longer we may need to look. Tell us your goals and preferences. We’ll tell you what’s available and what’s coming down the pipe (and if it might be a while).
  • Q Why not just look for contract and consulting gigs on my own?
  • A The world of independent work and contract consulting is changing fast. To access the best opportunities, you need a well-connected partner who knows what a company needs right when they need it. And we do a lot more than just find you projects. We work through the terms, handle communication and help manage the client along the way. So instead of being an expert project-seeker and negotiator, you can focus on the work.
  • Q I know there are places where I don’t fit in. Is that a problem?
  • A Having unique needs and preferences isn’t a weakness. It’s called being human. We know not everyone is cut out for every company or assignment. That’s why we’re here. People do their best work when they can be themselves. So we talk to our candidates one on one about their musts, nice-to-haves and can’t-stands. That helps us match people to opportunities. And it means vegans don’t end up in the beef jerky department.
  • Q I’m a newbie to marketing. Can I work with Antenna?
  • A Absolutely. There’s opportunity here for people early in their careers. And we’re a great place to gain experience early on. By exposing you to different roles, situations and companies, we help you discover what work you love (and not so much). Our talent development directors are with you on the path, guiding you to worthy challenges and helping you avoid pitfalls and dead ends.
  • Q Money is important. How do you figure out that part?
  • A Understanding your income goals is part of our process. You share your salary requirements or billing range and we work to get you there. Of course, your rate needs to be competitive with the market to be selected for projects. We’re experts in this area and can help you adjust your expectations, up or down, to see that you’re paid fairly for your work.
  • Q If I am on a contract assignment, would I be an employee of Antenna?
  • A Most of our consultants are employees with full-time benefits. But we also have consultants who operate under their own LLC. No matter how you engage, all our consultants are part of our community with access to professional development, education resources and social and networking events.
  • Q How will I know how I’m doing?
  • A That’s simple: we’ll tell you. A big difference between us and other firms is the level of communication you get before, during and after your assignment. Antenna checks in regularly to see how you’re faring, share client feedback, and work through any issues. Think of us like a fairy godmother for your career.
  • Q How long do contract consulting assignments last? What happens when they end?
  • A Some projects need an expert on site for a few days or weeks. Other projects can last three to six months or occasionally as long as a year. We choose consultants for these assignments based in part on the length they prefer. When a projects wraps up, we get moving to find you another great assignment. Of course, there can be gaps between projects. But we stay in touch and let you know what to expect.
  • Q Do your clients’ rules apply to me?
  • A Yes. While we respect your independence, our clients’ standards apply when you’re on their turf. Background checks and drug screening are common requirements for on-site work, as well as codes for dress and behavior. That may mean waiting until Casual Friday to wear open-toed shoes, or bringing headphones if you want to listen to hair metal. We’ll let you know.
  • Q If I am on a contract assignment, can I take a full-time job with one of Antenna’s clients?
  • A The answer is yes. While we’re not in the business of placing people in permanent jobs, when a company loves a consultant very very much, we don’t want to be in the way. If you’ve done great work and our client wants to put a ring on it, you have our blessing. Just drop us a postcard now and then.