Commitment to You

The Way We Work is a candid conversation about the forces reshaping our careers, workplaces, and world. As the situation with COVID-19 unfolds, Antenna + The Way We Work are partnering up to give the marketing community the support and resources to navigate this challenging time.

The New Way Marketers Are Working

Q+A with local marketing leaders about their new normal.

Rebecca Martin

CMO, Calabrio

"Stay flexible and empathetic for your team. They need to know you feel their stresses and understand that it has to be different right now."

Brandon Broxey

Brand Director, Best Buy

"So much goodness comes from ensuring you and your team are connected."

Maria Hokanson

EVP, US Marketing, Dairy Queen

"The most challenging aspect has been re-planning and reacting on-the-fly with so many unknowns."

Insights from the Antenna Network

Ways marketing leaders can lead their teams through uncertainty.

Strategic Planning Through the Marketing Standstill

"In these moments, it’s critical to find clarity and purpose so you’re able to navigate through the uncertainty."

How Independent Workers Should Respond to COVID-19

"It’s not worth wasting your time spinning your wheels over all the big-picture factors you can’t control right now."

Marketing Leaders: Here’s How to Engage Your Team Remotely

"It’s important for managers to listen to employee concerns and worries, learn what’s challenging them and be empathetic."

The Way We Work Podcast

Antenna CEO Brendon Schrader chats with fascinating thinkers from all walks of business to explore how work is evolving.

Ryan Estis

Building a Business on "Brand You"

“To thrive in our permanent state of reinvention, you have to keep learning.”

Cali Williams Yost

Finding Your Work-Life Fit

“People are more productive when you manage to performance instead of presence.”

Cindra Kamphoff

Grit and Performance Mindset

"Mastering your thoughts and knowing yourself, is the core work that drives success."

Marketers on Demand

Marketing leaders available to help your team find clarity in the chaos.

David Sigel

Interim Leadership

"Brands must realize that the pandemic is far from business as usual, and they need to be very agile to adjust their tactics and tone."

Craig Pladson

Consulting Services

"Right now, marketing leaders need confidence and (re)articulation of their vision, strategy and what success looks like."

Heidi Klima

Staff Augmentation

"More than ever, brands need a consistent, unifying voice when communicating with customers and consumers."

Good Works

For each hour our consultants work, we donate a meal to Second Harvest Heartland. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, demand for meals in the Twin Cities has doubled. Which inspired us to launch #coffeeup — a simple way to buy a virtual cup of coffee for someone in your network and donate meals to those in need.


Meals donated through Good Works since 2016